All images and text for iDisplay! MUST be suitable for an audience of any age. Even PG Content is likely to be rejected if not "family-friendly."

Specifically, there must be NO references to: religion, politics, tobacco, drug or drug use, violence, material which could be used for identity theft (license plate images etc) or Mature Content.

Overt branding should be avoided.

No copyrighted material should be used. If you didn’t take the photo and/or you don’t own the rights to use it, we will not accept it.

Any children in photographs must be COMPLETELY clothed. Children in diapers or bathing suits will not be accepted.

Please note that we do reserve the right to approve or reject any content at our sole discretion.

Please do not rely exclusively on this service being live for important messages. Proposals, congratulations and other ‘Time Critical’ messages may be scheduled by the team at in advance, where different, and longer timeslots are also available. Please contact us using the Contact Form
on our main web-page. iDisplay! sometimes has to be deactivated for reasons such as lack of time-availability, heavy bookings etc. Thank you!